Alert Systems Technologies
The new standard in oilfield production safety equipment


We offer multiple product packages to meet the many application needs of the oil & gas industry, from simple safety/shutdown systems to callouts and remote data access via the web. Whether you need a simple solution to monitor a few inputs or want to supervise an entire production facility, we can build you a low-cost system so you can increase operation by minimizing down time.

WebHMI & SCADA Solutions

Access your site remotely from any PC connected to the internet. View real-time flow data, alarms, tank levels and trending on a website customized specifically for your company.



Alert Systems Technologies offers 20 years of production instrumentation service to our customers. With our quality line of specialty products we can custom build an efficient, low cost alternative to the conventional safety/shutdown system.

Our products perform well as stand alone items or integrated with other manufacturer's components for a wider system scope. Years of proven performance and customer satisfaction have truly made us "The New Standard in Oilfield Production Safety Equipment".